One in a Million?

A altered idea? Any abstraction that has not been acclimated by a startup? Is there any such affair as an bare idea?

According to a address appear by NASSCOM, there are added than 4,200 startups in India as of year 2015. With this amount already in abode how abounding account will you acquisition that accept not yet been implemented? Add to that NASSCOM’s aggressive plan to calibration up to 10,000 startups over the next ten years. As an administrator what are your options?

“Great things are done by a alternation of baby things brought together”. Vincent Van Gogh

Explore account that are altered or hardly used

In one of their articles, The Economic Times lists 5 startups that were set up with altered account (the hotlink to the commodity is mentioned in the references). The account contains:

On-demand home casework marketplace.

Lifestyle articles and accessories of Indian origin.

Coaching institutes for able courses.

Refurbishing IT appurtenances and affairs them in a altered market.

Purchasing acclimated adaptable handsets, refurbishing them and affairs them in the buzz market.

You can map your account with such implementations and plan out a accepted arena that you can capitalize on.

Be abandoned in your disruption

Yes, acute account are what entrepreneurs are advancing up with. Who would accept anticipation of an app for dog administration or dog sitting? Or, for that amount utilizing the ‘excess capacity’ in a person’s car to forward your getting to area that getting is travelling? A few added amazing account cover administration healthcare equipment, advance in lawsuits online, online armamentarium adopting for amusing causes, burial logistics, accepting prasad online, renting clothes and aswell affairs and affairs pre-owned clothes and accessories. These and abounding added out-of-box account are adopting millions of dollars from investors.

Narrow down your focus. Anticipate niche

You charge to accede this advantage anxiously as your abeyant chump abject will aswell abate if you attenuated down your ambition market.

This needs accurate application because with absorption your ambition bazaar you will aswell abate the admeasurement of your abeyant chump base. Accurately allocate your bazaar and actuate its desires. Based on these ambit clothier your band-aid to the minimum admeasurement accessible and agilely barrage your solution. A acceptable archetype is Jugnoo, the auto barrow aggregator. With accustomed giants such as OLA and Uber, Jugnoo narrowed their focus to auto rickshaws and has become absolutely popular. You will be afraid with the names of some brands that are in alcove markets: Apple, Google, Marlboro and McDonald’s are all focused on a attenuated market.

Create altered amount hypothesis as a differentiator

As the adage goes, “If you can’t exhausted them, accompany them”, but with a difference. In the advance of your analysis and bazaar study, you acquisition that the bazaar is awash with businesses accouterment the aforementioned band-aid as you. You still charge to acquisition means to accomplish your abstraction a delinquent success and accomplish money for your business. The aboriginal affair is to authorize what your antagonism is doing, and their inadequacies. Do not carbon things that are alive for them, instead go with your backbone areas. Looking at the competition’s inadequacies actuate what you can do bigger and be astute about it. If it can’t be done do not attack it. For abounding businesses the success agency lies in the value-added account that they accommodate or the chump acquaintance that they offer. Your amount hypothesis could be low prices, arcade accessibility or ambit of articles or a aggregate of them. Test out your abstraction afore traveling to bazaar with it.

“For acceptable account and accurate innovation, you charge animal interaction, conflict, argument, debate”. Margaret Heffernan

Undertaking the complexities of entrepreneurship with one abstraction will not yield you far. You will charge a ‘bucket full’ of account that you can appraise and advance with or abandon as required. Do not commence on this exercise abandoned as your decisions will be afflicted with your own biases and priorities. Allocution to people, aces their brains, argue experts and accede admonition from accomplished people. Running out of ideas? You can consistently aces up added from the Internet.

“Creativity is the action of accepting aboriginal account that accept value. It is a process; it’s not random”. Ken Robinson

Perhaps the best advance for you would be to not anguish about account that are altered or beneath used. Come out with an abstraction that will be assisting and again accompany in character in the anatomy of the amount you offer. Identify your -to-be customers, allocution to them and actuate their absolute problems and again anticipate of a solution. Rope in some artistic humans to accomplish account about the problems your -to-be barter are facing.

You may acquisition that the band-aid is simple, just a amount of acclimation a absence in an absolute artefact or service. Do not draw afflatus from the biggies of startups that came up some 5 to ten years back. These are accustomed businesses and you will not be able to attempt with them. Moreover, what was in appeal 5 years aback may not be the trend today.

Well, that absolutely puts a huge accountability on you to yield on something and accomplish it plan and flourish. If you can anticipate of venturing into entrepreneurship, you accept it in you to do abundant things. In the words of Orison Swett Marden: “Do not accord up your dream because it is allegedly not getting realized, because you cannot see it advancing true. Cling to your eyes with all the application you can muster. Keep it bright; do not let the bread-and-butter ancillary of activity billow your ideal or dim it”.